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11/3/10: Twitter Power Marketing:  An overview of how to get the most out of Twitter for your business

9/3/10:  Building Detailed Marketing Profiles to Drive Better Sales  - This presentation was given at the 2010 ISA Marketing & Sales Summit and covers how to capture better information about your prospects and customers to deliver more focused marketing and sales communications that are personable and memorable.

9/22/09:  Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation this morning at Elder Services!  I enjoyed talking with you about social media. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything. 

Here's the 2 files I mentioned would be available for download.  They are hosted on Telesian's web site:

Social Media for Non-Profits

Social Media Resource Guide (good laundry list of tools and resources, not necessarily just for non-profit)

I also encourage you to visit Telesian's blog where we share marketing insights and tips:

Client News

2010 News:

Mar 18, 2010:   Central Catholic Karate Club Finishes Strong in John Almeida Goodwill Invitational Tournament
                         Image:  CCHS_Almeida_1.jpg
                         Front Row: Amy Whitney Perry
                         Second Row: Shannon Bradish, Samantha Gilman, Renee LeRette, Cherie Lemay
                         Last Row: Junellie Leon, Brendan Stolarz, Joanna Justin
                         Far left: Hanshi Larry Giordano
                         Right front: Sensei Jarrod Brown

2009 News:

Dec. 30, 2009:   Giordano Family MKA Promote Two Black Belts in December

                           Left to right: Sensei Stephen Giordano, Shodan Mark Hicks, Kohai Sara Hines, Hanshi Larry Giordano

Nov. 17, 2009:   Foster Kids of the Merrimack Valley and Sons of Italy Pasta Dinner Fundraiser a Huge Success

                          The sisters from Presentation of Mary were in attendance at the Pasta Dinner fundraiser for the Foster Kids of the
                          Merrimack Valley. 

                          MrMrsBonanno_FKMV.jpg:  Mr. & Mrs. Bonanno cook for 200+ at the Pasta Dinner fundraiser.

Oct. 23, 2009:   Foster Kids of the Merrimack Valley Issues Call For Santa’s Helpers

Sept. 28, 2009:  Foster Kids of the Merrimack Valley and Sons of Italy Lodge 902 Host Pasta Dinner Fundraiser

July 27, 2009:   Central Catholic High School Karate Club Promotes 6 Students
                          Images for Download:
                          L-R: David Daniels, Brendan Stolarz, Dan Blackwell, Amy Whitney Perry, Sensei Jarrod Brown

June 22, 2009:  Giordano Family Methuen Karate Association Holds Annual Summer Beach Training 2009
                          Images for download:
                             Giordano MKA students train in the Atlantic Ocean
                              Photo Credit:  Barbie Kiberstis, Methuen
                             Giordano MKA Black Belts
                             Giordano MKA Beach Training Group Picture
                             Central Catholic Karate Students Participate in Beach Training
                            Back row left to right: Sensei Jarrod Brown, Hanshi Larry Giordano, Keegan Shea, Brendan Stolarz, and Amy
                               Whitney Perry
                            Front row left to right: Samantha Gilman, Jen Meli, David Daniels, Shannon Bradish, and Dan Blackwell

May 16, 2009:  Central Catholic High School Students Get a Kick Out Of a New Karate Club
                         Images for download:

April 27, 2009 Giordano Family MKA Promotes 10 Students at the Lawrence Boys and Girls Club
                       Image for download:
                       Group Photo

April 20, 2009:  Giordano Family MKA Holds 40-Man Kumite 

                         Images for download:
                        2009 MKA 40 Man Kumite Chart.jpg  Sensei John Goddard with list of 40 kumite rounds.
                        2009 MKA 40 Man Kumite Family.jpg 
                        R-L Sempai John Goddard (son), Lauren (wife), Sensei John Goddard, Sempai Rianne Goddard (daughter)
                         2009 MKA 40 Man Kumite Group After.jpg
                         2009 MKA 40 Man Kumite Stephen.jpg (Action shot with Sensei Stephen Giordano)
                         2009 MKA 40 Man Kumite Tim.jpg  (Action shot)
                        2009 MKA 40 Man Kumite Giordanos.jpg (Sensei Stephen Giordano, Sensei John Goddard, Hanshi Larry Giordano)

2008 News:

July 31, 2008

Giordano Family MKA Hold Annual Beach Training 2008

Images for download:   MKA_Black_Belts_BT_08.jpg [1.3 MG]
                                           BT 08 Sempai RG Wave.jpg [1.4 MG]

June 23, 2008 Adamson Industries Introduces SUV Cargo Caddy for Public Safety Vehicles
June 23, 2008  Giordano Family MKA Promotes Six Students at the Methuen Arlington Neighborhood Karate Club
May 21, 2008Adamson Industries Adds New Clear Lexan Window Barriers that Prevent Rear Window Damage to its Portfolio of Law Enforcement Vehicle Equipment
 May 6, 2008Adamson Industries Corp. Releases 2008 Catalog and Launches New Web Site For
Law Enforcement and Public Safety Vehicle Equipment
April 14, 2008Foster Kids of the Merrimack Valley Celebrate Social Worker’s Month by Hosting
Honorary Breakfast for Lawrence-based Department
October 15, 2007 Foster Kids of the Merrimack Valley Announces Santa’s Helpers Program
Seeking Santa’s Helpers To Support a Foster Child During the Christmas Season
November 2, 2007Sons of Italy Host Pasta Night to Benefit Foster Children in Merrimack Valley
Funds Raised will Support Needs of 500 Local Foster Children
December 3, 2007  Adamson Industries Corp. Adds Sentinel™ Rear Safety Lighting System to its
Portfolio of Lighting Equipment for Law Enforcement Vehicles