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Strategic Market Planning

Strategic planning is essential to long term success in your target market. The planning process allows you evaluate potential markets, identify the best targets within those markets, and create an effective message that appeals to concerns of your future customers.

More importantly, it is essential that your message reaches your audience -- above all the noise. This means that you must be prepared to create an image/brand that prospects prefer, and be ready to defend that position against your competition. Today’s buyers are savvier and have more experience in purchasing  products. Repeat customers can be even more demanding.

By aligning marketing strategies with the sales cycle, you can get more mileage out of your marketing efforts. Sentrepity can help create messages that establish the difference between you and your competitors, and clearly communicate the benefits of using your product or service to a prospective customer.

Marketing Around The Buying Cycle

Our marketing approach is focused on understanding a customer’s buy cycle, and analyzing how your marketing efforts stack up against the needs of your buyers. Our proven methodology illuminates critical information gaps that may be impacting your ability to close more sales. Sentrepity will help align your marketing efforts with the natural flow of the buyer, while building preference for your products and services. When you do this right, you will notice smoother, shorter sales cycles and more wins for your channel.

Strategic Marketing Planning Services

Brand Development & Management

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Naming Strategies
    • Product Names, Company Names, URLs, etc.
  • Messaging and Positioning

Marketing Research

  • New Market Identification
  • Market Opportunity Sizing
  • Product and Service Pricing
  • Competition

Understanding the Buy Cycle

  • Buy Cycle Analysis
  • Sales Tools Mapping

Product Launches

  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Marketing Launch Plans